Astral Plane Festival Press Release

The AstralFest is an irregular showcase for the new musical freedom moves emanating from left of center. As the mainstream becomes more congested with pre-packaged corporate bred 'alternatives' and so much showbiz./entertainment bullsheet - the international underground goes from strength to strength. New mutations, cross-genre pollination, breaking out and freaking with it - Astral Plane is an attempt to pull all the diverse strands of new outsider invention together. With support from no one, the kids are taking the situation into their own hands and kicking against the pricks.

Wednesday 24th June 1998, @ The Glasgow School Of Art, 2.50 - AstralFest 1 Presents:

- Acid Mothers Temple And The Melting Paraiso UFO

From Japan , on the sainted PSF label, intense psyched out communal jamming from this group of beatniks, resident in the Nagano mountains. Led by legendary cranked and bleeding guitarist Makoto Kawabata (also of Tokyo legends Musica Transonic, Mainliner, Toho Sara, has played with Masayuki Takayanagi and Keiji Haino) their all-in-the-red distortion aesthetic, coupled with a hardcore approach to improvisation and a ballroom/snake-charming sensibility straight from West Coast USA circa '67-'69 combines to create one of the most insane live experiences' ever. Deeply focussed and way the fuck out there. Debut self-titled album available on the PSF label thru' Harmonia Mundi in Britain. Also CDs on Kawabata's own Acid Mothers label will be on sale on the night. These are limited editions of 100 only.

- Richard Youngs

Via a avalanche of releases on various US underground labels both solo and with his long term collaborator Simon Wickham Smith, Richard is the king of his own idiosyncratic universe - combining lonesome English folk-stumble, skewered Robert Wyatt-esque vocals, drones, huge reverbs and the most directly affecting soul-speech. Tonight he's stripped down to dark midnight folk-strummed guitar and vocals, pre-viewing material from his forthcoming "Sapphire" lp, which has already been described as "the greatest downer guitar/vocals LP since Nick Drake left the planet". Richard has also played with Brian Lavelle, Skullflower, Matthew Bower, Telstar Ponies, Stephen Todd, Prick Decay and The A Band amongst others and has supported both Tony Conrad (whom he toured with) and Sonic Youth.

- 36 Snowfall

All improvised free-skree unit founded by David Keenan after he split Telstar Ponies. Pulling on strands as divergent as modern classical, musique concret, Japanese noise, the surrealism of Nurse With Wound, country blues and the free-jazz of the likes of Albert Ayler and Arthur Doyle. Utilising two guitars and bass, sometimes trumpet (no drums) their sound is blissfully free-floating and unanchored. Keenan plays guitar as does John Hogarty (original Telstar Ponies member and now with his own group National Park) and Bill Wells ( of The Bill Wells Orchestra, legendary outsider jazz-bo, Scotland's answer to Sun Ra) throbs bass. Expect their debut album, "Sweetheart Come" late summer on Fire records with guest vocalist Lydia Lunch.

- National Park

Whipping it up a storm on the Glasgow scuzz-circuit, John Hogarty's new 4-piece extendo-jam unit pick up where the likes of Twisted Village left off. Black star pulsebeats over vaguely Galaxie-fired circular riffage - psychedelic, non-head directed movement, the way only the West coast delivers. Expect a 10 inch soon on Earworm records and more blasted material coming your way courtesy of Domino.

- The Pastels

What more can we say? The kings of infinite swing, the kids that lit the touch-paper while most of us were still soiling ourselves. Here by special invitation The Pastels kick of the 1st Astralfest, performing a very special set of their space-pummeled urban blues, lighting up the Glaswegian night like fuckin' supernovas. It's time to pay yer dues - this is the context The Pastels should be seen in. Expect miracles and be there early.

Astral Plane DJs will also be present.

X David