Review by Clarke Geddes of The Only Stars 7" in Is This Music magazine.

Glaswegian folk-fumblers National Park's new single breezes into one's
earlobe like an age old birch tree blowing in the breeze (trust me, of the
Linkin' ilk they are not). Like a musical version of the film Kes, it's
stylishly old fashioned, brings to mind brown school blazers, and has flutes that remind you of a picnic. Good lordy, an accompanying letter even comes on environmentally friendly paper, which in our book made them cool before we'd even heard them.

John Hogarty (also of Music and Movement) seems to be perfecting his kitchen-sink drone pop, which may see him levitate towards the cult-Creosote by the time National Park's two LPs have dropped by crimbo. ****

September 2006