Highlights and Playlists

Aug 14 2008

So far the best things to happen recently within our limited horizons are:

Been listening to more Wooden Wand. Can't recommend 'James and the Quiet' enough.

Although also 'Horus of the Horizon', re-issued on Great Pop Supplement.

And he's not using that name anymore.

And the Wand's made me go back and listen to Dylan again.

The Magik Markers' LP Boss is still blowin' me away, has been for most of this year.

Totally loving those Lee Renaldo productions.

And MV & EE's hazy, abstracted backwoods productions on Ecstatic Peace.

Flickin' between 'Green Blues' and 'Gettin' Gone'.

The new Josephine Foster's got me rewinding to 'All The Leaves Are Gone'.

Julian Cope's autobiographies 'Head-On' and 'Re-Possessed'.

Bill Wells playing every single melody from his book in alphabetical order, in Stirling .

'The Arrow' and the still to be recorded 'Who?' from Here Hare Here.

The Trembling Bells first gig.

More highlights and playlists on the National Park myspace.

National Park recommend Monorail Records