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Record Label:

Yield is our record label, get the National Park 7" The Only Stars here.


Yield sells all available National Park records online.

Monorail Music in Glasgow, sells all available National Park records.

Social Media stuff:

National Park on Facebook.

National Park on youtube.

National Park Bandcamp.

National Park on Spotify.

Former labels:

Background Frequencies (link gone)

Domino Records

Earworm Records, no more, but check out Dom's new label, The Great Pop Supplement

Geographic Records contact page.


Alasdair Roberts

Here Hare Here - John plays in this band with Morag (link gone).

Lucky Luke - Simon's band. (link gone)

Pastels, The (link gone)

The Wave Pictures feature David, who played guitar in National Park for one day.

Volcanic Tongue, Glasgow record store for all your underground needs.

The Wire