Writing and Reviews

Review of The Only Stars 7" in The Wire magazine, September 2006

By Jon Dale.

Review of The Only Stars 7" in Is This Music magazine, September 2006

By Clarke Geddes.

Review of The Only Stars 7" in The Next Big Thing, 2006

By Lindsay Hutton.

Review of The Only Stars7" in Beardmag, 2006

By Stewart Smith.

Review of Secret Songs 7" in The Wire magazine, October 2003

By Byron Coley.

Review of Secret Songs 7", August 2003

By Jonathon Wilson, in Out of Town/The Brag, Australia.

Personal Stereo

from The List magazine. John's defining moments music-wise.

Review of National park in the Glasgow University Guardian

by The List music editor Hannah McGill. A review of the 5th national park gig. The Art School was real busy that night and the crowd a-rowdy, however it was really only about three people who had been in the bar soundcheck thru to gig that were trying to compete with our 3x100 watts. We had no hand in this review.

Loren Mazzacane

by David Keenan. Pomes unanchored, shapes in the ether, soul-spoken and true, a Loren Mazzacane guide told through use of flashback sequences. Originally published in Sparky fanzine.

Scotsman Bulletin feature on the Astral Plane Festival.

Acid Mothers Temple and the Melting Paraiso UFO, Richard Youngs, National Park, 36 Snowfall and The Pastels. One hour soundcheck for five bands, David and myself (John) thinkin' we were remaking the Woodstock documentary... one hour to go and still no PA. Compare this feature with David's press release for the show and Mark Waddell's freaked beat style makes sense. Still, we wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

Stephen Pastel's CMJ guide to Glasgow

A map of the centre of our universe detailing all points of historical interest.

Rikke's NME rejected review of the John Smith's rooftop gig

Donuts, drizzle - later turning to light rain, accidental anti-histamine/alcohol combinations and an alienated audience standing in a car park.